Govt failing IMC

The result of the Swachh Survekshan-2020 has come as a big shock for the people of the state. State capital Itanagar has been ranked as the 7th dirtiest city among the 10 dirtiest cities of the country in the category of below 10 lakh population. The state has been shamed nationally. The Itanagar Municipal Corporation (IMC) and the state government will have to take the full blame for it. For the last six months, the IMC has not been able to properly collect garbage.
The IMC has been struggling to pay salaries to its staff. Also, most of the trucks used for collection of garbage are grounded due to lack of maintenance. Further, the state government has been struggling to even provide fund for fuel. All this has contributed to Itanagar finding its name among the dirtiest cities of the country. The state government has miserably failed to provide funds for the smooth functioning of the IMC. However, just providing will not solve the crisis. The government should properly monitor the work undertaken by the IMC. Many projects under the smart city project are being taken up by the IMC. Most of these projects have not been executed satisfactorily. Because of Covid-19 the funds are drying up and therefore every penny has to be properly used.