Farmers trained on conservation and propagation of indigenous goat germplasm

BASAR, Aug 26: The ICAR Arunachal Pradesh Centre, Basar conducted three days awareness cum training on conservation and propagation of indigenous goat germplasm as part of the ‘vocal for local’ programme.

Around 40 farmers from different villages of Leparada district attended the programme following and maintaining SOPs laid by the government.

Programme leader and Joint director Dr H Kalita highlighted the importance of the training programme, while Scientist (Veterinary Extension) Dr Doni Jini briefed about the objectives of the training programme and delivered lectures on the scope and potential of goat farming for the farmers of the region.

The experts covered the topics of weather, soil, fodder production and management in terms of housing, feeding, breeding, health care and marketing, so that the farmers get maximum benefit and the consumers get quality product, thereby increasing the production for the overall improvement of the livelihood of the farmers of the region.

Panel of experts, including CTO (Animal Science) KVK West Siang Dr Moloy Sarma Baruah, Senior Veterinary Officer (SVO) Leparada district Dr Jumdak Bam, Scientist (Agro-Forestry) Rajesh A Alone, Scientist (Soil Science) Dr Ampee Tasung, Scientist (Agro-Forestry) Dr Nirmal, IMD Basar (TO) Kaushik Bhagawati, Dr Tolan Borah and Senior Technician (Animal Science) ICAR AP Centre Basar Dr Bali Yomgam gave presentations covering all the aspects.