APPDSU condemns assault on Buka resident, demands punishment for assaulters

ITANAGAR, Sep 1: The All Papum Pare District Students’ Union (APPDSU) has vehemently condemned the assault on one Likha Nikh and his friend, of Buka village in Papum Pare district, by villagers of Assam.

The union said the incident took place on 31 August, following a hot argument over land encroachment in Buka village, when Nikh and his friend went to Devaghar Tinali in Assam to procure medicines.

“The assaulters also damaged the vehicle of the victims,” the APPDSU said.

The people of Buka village have to use the road that passes through Assam, in the absence of a road within Arunachal’s territory in the area.

Stating that such incidents have occurred many a time in the past, the union demanded that the

state government, particularly the home department, arrest the culprits and award exemplary punishment to them as per the law.

Demanding security for the villagers, who must use the Assam road during their daily activities, the APPDSU said: “The state government must solve the Assam-Arunachal boundary issues as soon as possible, without waiting for the Supreme Court verdict as the Assam counterpart is not maintaining the status quo.”

It further demanded that the home minister deploy adequate security forces for the security of the contractors and workers who are engaged in various developmental activities in the interstate boundary areas.