DCC president demands immediate relief for flood-affected people of C’lang

[Pisi Zauing]

CHANGLANG, Sep 3: Changlang District Congress Committee (DCC) president Nyasham Jongsam in a press statement on Thursday urged Chief Minister Pema Khandu to compensate the poor farmers of Changlang district for the losses incurred by them in the floods.

“Several wet rice cultivation fields in Miao, Diyun, Bordumsa, Jairampur and Vijoynagar circles have eroded or washed away in the floods in recent weeks but the losses have not been compensated for, nor any relief measures have been undertaken by the government,” the DCC president said.

Jongsam reminded the chief minister about the letter he wrote to him (CM) on 11 July, pertaining to the flood situation and heavy loss of agricultural land and standing crops.

Expressing appreciation for the chief minister for visiting the flood ravaged areas of East Siang district on Tuesday, Jongsam expressed hope that the chief minister “will have mercy on the people of Changlang district and bail out the farmers with financial packages.”

He also urged all the elected representatives of the district to take up the matter with the state government and the Centre through the chief minister without further delay.

“Covid-19 has already brought suffering of varied magnitudes, and therefore the poor farmers of Changlang district cannot afford to further reel under the threat of floods,” he stated.