Health workers, DA overwhelmed by people entering capital

BANDERDEWA, Sep 4: Large numbers of people entering the state via the Banderdewa check gate has made life miserable for the health workers and the administration.

As ‘Unlock 4’ has freed interstate movement of people, a massive rush is being witnessed. A long queue of people trying to enter the state is seen daily.

“It has become very difficult to manage the massive crowd of people trying to enter the capital complex. On an average, we conduct 500 antigen tests, but there is heavy demand for it,” informed a health worker posted at the check gate.

 There is an urgent need for setting up a few more testing counters to meet the growing demand. Also, many of the returnees are not following the social distancing norms issued by the health department.

“Firstly, the queues are extremely congested, and secondly, most of the people do not wear masks. The state government should immediately address this issue before the situation turns grim,” said a resident of Banderdewa.

Reacting to the report, Health Minister Alo Libang said there is a heavy rush as “many of the stranded workers and labourers are starting to return to the state.”

He asked the administration to strictly charge the fine of Rs 500 from those who do not wear facemasks.