Monitor road works seriously

The state government on Thursday announced that Rs 82.85 crore has been sanctioned for improving the capital’s roads, which includes repair and maintenance of the roads and bridges in and around the Itanagar capital region. It was also informed that the tender process for the purpose has been completed and the work will commence soon. The condition of the capital’s roads, including the highway and sector, colony, arterial and bypass roads have deteriorated because of the monsoon rainfall. In several areas, portions of roads have been washed away. One of the most important bypass roads, the Ganga-Jully road, remains unconnected for more than a month now. The condition of the entire stretch of the Ganga-Jully-Papu Nallah road itself is pathetic.
Therefore, in context, the sanctioning of Rs 82.85 crore for repair and maintenance of the capital’s road is massive. However, it is seen that most of the funds released for the maintenance and repairing of roads are not properly utilized. The funds are often misused by the authorities. The quality of work is compromised and the repaired roads do not last till the next monsoon. Also, sometimes the roads are repaired only on paper and actual work never takes place. Keeping all these in mind, the state government should constitute a task force in order to ensure that the entire project sanctioned is properly implemented on the ground. Make people from various backgrounds members of the task force. Apart from technical experts, the government should consider including citizens from other fields as members of the task force. It will keep pressure on the government officials to properly implement the project.