DMO seeks containment of specific areas after surge in Covid-19 +ve cases

ITANAGAR, Sep 5: The Itanagar-capital region (ICR) district medical officer has requested the ICR deputy commissioner to declare Ganga village and areas opposite the RK Mission Hospital as containment zones after a total of 16 cases of Covid-19 were detected in the areas recently.

Based on daily surge of Covid-19, the areas have been requested to be declared as containment zones urgently for 14 days with effect from 5 to 18 September.

With seven cases detected at Ganga village, the demarcated areas for containment zones include the south entry of the PHQ near highway, exit near ITB, ‘A’ block Ganga village and the north side up to Chimi village.

The other containment zone includes the area opposite the RK Mission Hospital (Entry) and towards highway near Hollongi market, Vivek Vihar (Exit). Nine cases have been detected among three different families in the area.