Forum seeks early rescue of five abductees

NACHO, Sep 5: The Siyum, Nacho, Limeking, Taksing, Border Area Intellectual Forum (SINALITABAIF) has appealed to the state government to take urgent steps to rescue all five people abducted by the Chinese’s People Liberation Army at Sera 7th McMahon Line under Nacho administrative block of Upper Subansiri district.

“A similar incident took place a few months ago at Asapilla under Taksing circle where one of our youths was also kidnapped by the Chinese army. This is happening repeatedly despite the fact that the said areas are our hunting land and our people usually go there for hunting and fishing thrice a year. Such repeated incident creates a sense of fear and lack of security among our people in their own land,” the forum stated.

The forum has further demanded that both the centre and state governments immediately deploy more security forces in the said areas in order to protect the people and their land.

“We cannot endure any more such incidents, both centre and state governments should take serious notice of such repeated incidents,” it added.