TCS hopeful Nacho ‘abductees’ will be brought back; questions poor border infrastructure

[ Karda Natam ]

DAPORIJO, Sep 7: Following the reported ‘abduction’ of five persons from Nacho in Upper Subansiri district recently, Tagin Cultural Society (TCS) president Tabu Paktung on Monday said there is no proper demarcation of the Sino-India border in the area, “which is beyond the knowledge of innocent teenagers who went for hunting in the jungle and the PLA reportedly abducted them.”

The TCS is in touch with the aggrieved families and army officials, and is hopeful that the government will bring the five youths back home, Paktung said.

However, he expressed resentment over the poor infrastructure development in the area, despite its strategic importance. “The entire Upper Subansiri district is in one of the most pathetic conditions in the nation in terms of road communication,” Paktung said.

He said that the union and the state governments have been apprised many a time of the need for proper road connectivity, “especially for ferrying defence machinery during war-like situation,” but the government never paid attention to the grievance.

“Now, if a war-like situation erupts, how will the government transport the defence materials?” he said.

Paktung said the Centre needs to “immediately construct a road connecting Assam and Upper Subansiri, from Mebi-Geko to Gerukhamukh, which is around 100 kms only and will hardly take three hours to reach Upper Subansiri from Assam if the highway is constructed.

“This will benefit the defence sector from the border security point of view,” he added.

Paktung also appealed to the public to not hype up the report in the media but extend moral support to the government and the aggrieved families.