Forum levels fund misappropriation allegation

ITANAGAR, Sep 11: The 19th Nyapin Assembly People’s Forum (NAPF) on Friday alleged that the RWD’s Laaying-Yangte division EE, Sango subdivision AE, and Sangram and Nyapin section JEs were involved in misappropriation of public funds, in collusion with three firms, “without floating tender for work and without execution of works on the ground.”

In a press conference at the Arunachal Press Club here, NAPF chairman Tadar Zaman said, “Lots of corruption is going on in 19th Nyapin assembly constituency of Kurung Kumey district.

“Rs 10 crore had been allocated for maintenance of rural link road and wire-rope suspension bridge during the 2018-19 financial year under the SADA, out of which Rs 8 crore were allocated to the Laaying-Yangte RWD division,” Zaman claimed.

“The works were awarded to M/s Hiya Enterprise, M/s Atu Taru Enterprise and M/s Paa Enterprise by the authorities of the RWD in Laaying-Yangte division and Sango subdivision in 2015, three years in advance, without indicating the location or project site for implementation of the schemes and without floating notice inviting tender,” Zaman said, adding that it was gross violation of the GFR/DFPR financial rules and guidelines.

“How do you know in 2019 the scheme of said works would come? How can you give work order in advance?” he questioned.

Zaman further alleged that the Laaying-Yangte RWD division EE had submitted “false and fabricated bills” against construction and maintenance of a rural link road and a wire-rope suspension bridge, and that payment had been made to the firms in question “and Rs 8 crore were fraudulently siphoned off in collusion with the contractors.”

The NAPF chairman also claimed that the proprietor of Hiya Enterprise is the wife of the Laaying-Yangte RWD division AE. Hiya Enterprise is registered in the Itanagar capital region but had been awarded work in Nyapin-Sangram area, he said.

Zaman further claimed that, according to information received from the EE under the RTI Act, the works were awarded to the firms “as per verbal instruction and recommendation of the local MLA.” He termed it “gross misuse and abuse of power and breach of trust by the public servant.”

While the proprietor of Hiya Enterprise is the wife of the Laaying-Yangte AE, the other two are close aides of the local MLA, the NAPF chairman said, and demanded immediate inquiry into the allegation.

“Moreover, most of the proprietors are not even enlisted under the Arunachal Pradesh Contractor Enlistment Rule, 2008, and registered under the capital region, which is against the Arunachal Pradesh District Based Entrepreneurs and Professionals Rule,” claimed Zaman.

The MLA and the EE did not comment on the allegation when questioned by this daily via WhatsApp.