Goods carriers being robbed by persons posing as govt officials: ACCI

ITANAGAR, Sep 17: The Arunachal Chamber of Commerce & Industries (ACCI) has sought action against reported incidents of robbing of goods vehicles bearing Assam registration numbers by persons posing as government officials.

In a letter to the Itanagar capital region (ICR) SP, the ACCI claimed that incidents of looting “are happening almost on a daily basis in some particular areas of the capital complex, such as Lekhi village, Papu Nallah, Yupia road, between Todo Hotel and Raj Bhavan road, Jully road and Chimpu.”

It has been reported that the robbers pose as authorized officials for checking the vehicles’ documents, or sometimes as officials of the health department.

Stating that “it is becoming increasingly difficult for the business community to work under such circumstances,” the ACCI said that the Covid-19 lockdown had already hit the business community hard, especially the daily wagers, petty traders, roadside vendors, and the hospitality and food sectors.

“During the long span of the lockdown, several businesses have either collapsed or are on the verge of it. They struggle on a daily basis to strengthen and regain their lost businesses. As the majority of the people in the ICR depend on the business community, it is important that their wellbeing is taken care of,” it said, and sought appropriate action against the robbers.