Rebia raises issue of inclusion of Arunachal under 6th schedule

NEW DELHI, Sep 17: Rajya Sabha member Nabam Rebia on Thursday raised the issues of inclusion of Arunachal under the 6th schedule of the constitution and strengthening Article 371 (H).

During zero hour in Parliament, Rebia said it was necessary to safeguard the religious and social practices of the tribes of Arunachal, and the customary laws and procedures of the tribes.

The MP highlighted the necessity of bringing the state under the 6th schedule “to administer civil and criminal justice involving the decisions according to customary laws of Arunachal Pradesh,” and also raised the matter of ownership and transfer of land and its resources.

Recently, the legislative assembly of Arunachal had passed a resolution to this effect and forwarded the same to the Centre for consideration.

Rebia informed that amendment to Article 371 (H) is mainly proposed “as Article 371 (H) in its present form does not fully protect and safeguard tribal rights of the indigenous people of the state of Arunachal Pradesh.”

“I fervently urge upon the government of India to consider the matter for inclusion of Arunachal Pradesh in the 6th schedule of the constitution of India and to strengthen Article 371 (H) in the interest of the tribal rights of indigenous people of Arunachal Pradesh,” he said.