Garbage mgmt will be priority: IMC Commissioner

ITANAGAR, Oct 5: The newly posted commissioner of the Itanagar Municipal Corporation (IMC), Chukhu Cheechung has said that garbage management would be his priority.

Speaking to the press here on Monday, Cheechung said that innovative ideas are needed to address the growing problem of garbage management.

“A clean and green capital is our motto. The IMC is developing software through which house-listing of

all the buildings of the capital complex, including offices, will be done for proper garbage disposal. Also, by using this software, people can pay garbage collection fees online,” he said.

Throwing light on the need for charging garbage collection fees from the citizens, the commissioner said the fund provided by the state government is not enough.

“Garbage collection involves massive mobilization of resources. The government fund is not enough as money is needed for fuel, maintenance of vehicles, and paying salaries to sanitation workers. Therefore we are going to collect garbage collection fees. We seek cooperation of the citizens in this regard,” the commissioner said.

The IMC commissioner termed the need for a permanent office one of the important subjects concerning corporations.

“We are functioning from a rented office and there is a need for a permanent office. The IMC also needs more manpower. I will soon write to the state government and seek help,” he said.