Miao ADC tests Covid-19+ve

[ Pisi Zauing ]

MIAO, Oct 5: Miao (Changlang) ADC Tage Rumi tested positive for Covid-19 on 27 September and was shifted to the CCC in Chimpu on Sunday.

In a message, Rumi informed that he has a severe dry cough and the pace of improvement of his health is slow. However, he expressed confidence that he would be released soon from the CCC and be able to join his duties.

Rumi has urged all those who might have come in close contact with him in the recent days to get themselves tested.

He also appealed to the people of Miao subdivision to take the pandemic seriously and adhere to the standard operating procedures.

“I appeal to everyone to wear a facemask and maintain physical distancing as long as the pandemic continues,” he said.