KVK establishes nutri-garden

LONGDING, Oct 6: The Longding KVK on Monday established a nutri-garden in Niausa village, in collaboration with the SHGs of the area.

The objective is to produce different vegetables at regular intervals to supply balanced nutrition to the families of the SHG members, in addition to generating income from the vegetables.

The members of the local SHGs have been given proper training, along with vegetable seeds. A hands-on demonstration was also presented by KVK Head (in-charge) Dr A Kirankumar Singh.

“The field was prepared according to the vegetables to be grown and sowing was done for the vegetables which do not require raising of seedlings in nursery bed,” the KVK informed in a release.

Dr Singh advised the villagers to “take care of vegetables whose seedlings are to be raised with proper irrigation and drainage in order get ready for transplanting without any damage to the seeds.”

The members of the SHGs were taught practically how to sow the seeds in a proper way and maintain proper spacing between the rows and the plants.

Dr Singh advised the SHGs to follow operations like weeding, intercultural operations and plant protection measures, as and when required, in order to protect the vegetables from insect pests and diseases.

He urged them to “make use of the single piece of land economically and properly.”