KVK monitors soybean field

LONGDING, Oct 7: A team of the Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) here, led by KVK Longding Head, Dr A Kirankumar Singh monitored the soybean field of one Nyalai Wangsa of Nginu village, near the Tissa River on 6 October.

While the team monitored the soybean crop and found the overall growth and development of the crop satisfactory, Dr Singh observed that the crop was infested by weeds in some pockets and damaged due to water-logging in other pockets, and advised on taking proper care of it.

Dr Singh also observed that the paddy field there had the favourable conditions for zero-tilt sowing of rapeseed mustard as the field had available moisture and sandy loam soil.

The KVK head suggested that Wangsa move forward with zero-tilt sowing of rapeseed mustard with the seed he has provided under the NEH component.

Additionally, the farmer informed the officials that an area of about 1.5 ha field of rice is underwater due to the flash flood from the Tissa River.