Need to respect secular Arunachal

A major controversy is brewing over allegations made by the Arunachal Pradesh Christian Revival Church Council (APCRCC) that the Tawang district administration is not allowing the council to construct a church in a land, which they claim to own since 1999.
On its part, the Tawang administration clarified that the action was initiated based on the Supreme Court’s direction of 29 September 2009, that no unauthorized construction shall be permitted in the name of a temple, church, mosque, gurudwara, etc, on public streets, public parks, and other public places.
The issue is highly sensitive as it involves religious sentiments and should, therefore, be dealt tactfully.
Tawang, which is a Buddhist dominated area, is the home district of Chief Minister Pema Khandu, who himself is a devout Buddhist.
Therefore, there is a spotlight over the entire controversy.
As the APCRCC and district administration are finding it difficult to work out a solution, the state government and the chief minister, in particular, should intervene and try to resolve the impasse.
The longer the controversy drags on for, the more it is going to hurt the image of the state government and the CM himself as it is happening in his home town.
Also, organizations should stop interfering in the issue and let the state government handle it.
The interference from unwanted groups and elements will further provoke the situation.
People of Arunachal should remember that Arunachal Pradesh is a secular state and everyone has the right to practice their religious beliefs freely.