NSCN (IM) operative surrenders

CHANGLANG, Oct 7: One Phawang Ngonpa (30), a sergeant of the NSCN (IM) of Phangsung village voluntarily surrendered before the Changlang district police at Namtok police station here on Monday last.

After completing all necessary formalities, he has been set free on Wednesday, with a surrendering certificate issued by the Changlang deputy commissioner.

Changlang Superintendent of Police, Mihin Gambo has in a release stated that during enquiry it was revealed that the individual

was radicalized by NSCN-IM group in the year 2015 from his native area with the promise of a job and salary in their organization.

 “Since then he was an active cadre of the NSCN-IM outfit. After joining the organization, the individual realized his mistake of being ignorant and misguided by the antisocial elements. His health also deteriorated over the period of time due to the absence of medical treatment in jungles. Later, he took the decision to return to his village to join the mainstream society in order to live a normal life with his family,” the SP added.

The SP has further appealed to all the misguided youths, who have left their families to join such outfits, to “return to the mainstream society in order to live a normal life with dignity.”