Forum demands ‘termination’ of road construction agency

ITANAGAR, Oct 16: The Todubath Village Intellectual Forum (TVIF) in Kra Daadi district has demanded “immediate termination” of a road construction firm for its failure to complete a road project even after extension of the time period.

In a complaint letter to the chief secretary, the TVIF on Friday said that the 30-km road project from Rayung to Rungte Rite via Deby, Tudbath, Palap, Patey and Gong, had been awarded to M/s Reniya Enterprises on 29 June, 2015. The firm was to complete the project within 18 months.

“But to our utter surprise, the road is still not completed and the contractor has abandoned the work,” the forum said.

It claimed that, after the expiry of the specified time period for the completion of the road project, an “undertaking was done between PWD, Jamin division, Kra Daadi district and the contractor M/s Reniya Enterprises on 23 August, 2019, to speed up and complete the project by 31 March, 2020, which had also completely failed again.”

It further claimed that the Jamin PWD division had served a letter to the proprietor of Reniya Enterprises on 19 August to surrender the project to the department concerned.

The forum demanded action against the firm and the officer involved within 15 days for their failure to complete the project to “avoid public confrontation.”