Committee seeks benefits from APB&OCWWB

ITANAGAR, Oct 30: The Joint Working Committee of Arunachal Pradesh Trade Union (JWCAPTU), comprising various trade unions of the state, has submitted a representation to the labour & employment minister, seeking benefits from the Arunachal Pradesh Building & Other Construction Workers’ Welfare Board (APB&OCWWB).

In the letter to the minister, the committee said that, while the APB&OCWWB was constituted in order to provide social security and other welfare measures to the workers, “registered workers are not been received single beneficiary from the statutory plan provided by the labour welfare board.”

The committee demanded that house loan be immediately disbursed by the state labour board to at least 1000 registered workers in the first phase, before the completion of 2020.

Its other demands from the board include maternity benefit of Rs 6000 per delivery; funeral assistance of Rs 10,000; natural death benefit of Rs 2,00,000; accidental death benefit of Rs 4,00,000; medical benefits as prescribed; and education assistance as provided under the state labour board.

It said the labour welfare board should disburse the major and urgent benefits to the registered workers within a week after receiving the relevant documents.