Solar lamps given to students

[ Karda Natam ]

NACHO, Nov 27: Tourism Minister Nakap Nalo distributed solar lamps among students of rural areas here in Upper Subansiri district under the ‘free solar study lamp scheme’ recently.

The minister urged the students to “do hard labour and be disciplined, and respect the elders, parents and teachers.”

He also asked the students to “follow moral values besides academic excellence.”

The APEDA’s Upper Subansiri APO Jamdam Jeram informed that 14,000 solar lamps have been received by Upper Subansiri district for distribution among schoolchildren. Altogether 5,000 solar lamps have been distributed to students till date by the APEDA.

From the Nacho secondary school, the APEDA received a list of 381 students, and solar lamps were distributed to most of the children.

Solar lamps were also distributed to students in Siyum circle.