Gov appeals to people to remain safe from Covid-19

ITANAGAR, 12 Dec: Governor BD Mishra has once again appealed to the people of the state to maintain the Covid-19 pandemic protocol, wear masks, maintain social distance, and wash hands frequently.

Commending the state government and the frontline workers, the governor said that “the battle against the pandemic is still on and people should not move without masks and go around in close groups.”

Mishra urged the elders of the society, community leaders and government officials to advise every citizen to abide by the set of protocols issued by the state government. “Together we will fight and defeat the coronavirus,” he said.

While commending the state government, the healthcare workers, police personnel and the administrations for playing a key role in containing the virus, the governor advised the state government to “prepare a tangible system for distribution of Covid-19 vaccines in advance, so that, once made available, it smoothly reaches the people who need it most.”

He expressed hope that India would get a safe, effective and affordable Covid-19 vaccine soon. (Raj Bhavan)