APSCW, villagers, women orgs seek punishment for rape accused

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, 14 Dec: Villagers and women organizations of Longding district have condemned the alleged rape of a minor by one Janjam Wangsu on the night of 6 December and sought stringent punishment for the culprit.

Informing the Longding SP that the victim has “suffered great mental trauma and internal physical injuries and is now being treated in Dibrugarh, Assam, after being referred from the community health centre in Longding,” the Shungkuh Wancho Women Welfare Society (SWWWS) of Pongchau-Wakka area said that “the child’s life is at risk.”

Condemning the rape in the strongest terms, the SWWWS demanded that the culprit, along with others who may be involved, be booked

 under appropriate sections of the POCSO Act to curb child sexual assault and abuse in the future, and cautioned that all the women societies would otherwise launch a democratic movement across the district.

In a joint statement, the Khasa village chief, its head gaon burah, the Ginlong Khasa Students’ Union and other women organizations of the area sought stringent punishment for the culprit.

“Such a heinous crime is against the law of the land and also against the moral values and beliefs of our Wancho society and humanity as a whole,” they said, and appealed to the SP to take just and relevant action in the case as per the procedure established by law, adding: “If justice is not done, it may lead to chaos and disorder in the society.”

A minor aged about 10 to 11 years was allegedly raped by Wangsu on 6 November. According to the statement provided to the police, Wangsu and two other men had come to the victim family’s house and were drinking local rice beer. While the two others were at the house, Wangsu allegedly gagged the girl’s mouth and took her to an isolated area near the house, restrained her, and raped her.

On whether the two others had abetted Wangsu’s crime, the police said no suspicion has been raised against the two yet, as per the statements, but that the investigating is on and they would look into all the evidence.

Arunachal Pradesh State Commission for Women (APSCW) has condemned the rape of a 10-year-old girl in Longding and asked the police to file a chargesheet against the alleged accused by expediting the investigation.

Expressing serious concern over rising crimes against women and girl children in the state, the commission requested the public to cooperate with the investigation team, so that justice may be delivered to the victim and her family.

It urged the state government to provide compensation to the victim under the Arunachal Pradesh Victim Compensation Scheme, 2011.