Security forces harassing innocent villagers, says Yobin union

MIAO, 21 Dec: The All Yobin Students’ Union (AYSU) has claimed that security forces are harassing innocent villagers in the guise of arresting the people involved in the recent burning down of government properties in Vijaynagar in Changlang district.

The AYSU has issued a video statement in which the union claims that the police are conducting raids in the village and causing immense pain to the public.

“Public of Vijaynagar circle is living in fear due to the presence of security forces. Police are barging into houses and harassing the public. They have set up police pickets on the village route and arrest innocent villagers without any proof,” the union alleged.

It also alleged that the government has suspended private internet service in the area, and said that internet service is the only means of connection with the rest of the world for the people of Vijaynagar.

“People used to send messages or call through WhatsAapp using the internet. But now, just to send one message, people have to trek down five days to near Miao. This is inhuman treatment of the people of Vijaynagar circle,” it said.

The AYSU also claimed that there is a threat to the lives of the union’s members, and said “if anything happens to any of its members in the fight to remove non-APST from panchayati raj system, the state government will be held responsible.”

The union further alleged that the state government was behaving “very arrogantly” with the Yobin community.

“Yobin community is being humiliated with all kinds of negativity attached to us. It hurts our sentiments.

For the last three years, we have been peacefully seeking fulfillment of our demands. The government kept assuring us and we trusted them. But till now nothing has been fulfilled,” the union added.

The AYSU also alleged that vote-bank politics was behind the recent decision to give party tickets to non-APST settlers.

“We will protect our land at any cost. We are fighting for the rights of all the indigenous tribes of the state. The present panchayati raj system is wrong and it needs to be corrected for the good of the all tribal communities of Arunachal Pradesh,” it said.

The AYSU also claimed that most of the government officers who are posted in Vijaynagar circle never join the place of posting and operate from Miao, “thereby causing immense trouble to the locals.”

The union has sought immediate withdrawal of the security forces and an end to the harassment of innocent people.