45 arrested for arson and riot in Vijaynagar

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, 24 Dec: Forty-five people have been arrested till date for the arson, rioting and vandalism that took place in Vijaynagar in Changlang district recently.

The five members of the All Yobin Students’ Union (AYSU) who were arrested on 23 December have been put under police custody. They include AYSU president Ngwazosa Yobin, and members Walis Yobin, Ngwapeter Yobin, Ati Bosa Yobin and Ngwalidwe Yobin.

Of the 24 people who had been arrested from Hazolo and Dawodi villages on 13 December, three have been granted bail, six have been ‘bound down’, and 15 are in judicial custody.

Two people who were arrested on 16 December are under judicial custody.

Of the 13 people who were arrested on 17 December, nine have been granted bail and the rest are bound down.

A woman who had been arrested on 20 December is also under police custody.

On 11 December, a mob, allegedly led by the AYSU, torched government buildings and offices in Vijaynagar. The mob demanded immediate debarment of ex-Assam Rifles settlers in Vijaynagar from participating in the panchayat election, and shifting of the settlers out of Vijaynagar.

Police sources had then informed that, at around 8:30 am on 11 December, Yobin students, youths and public, led by the AYSU, burned down the EAC office, the post office and the Special Branch office, and ransacked the Vijaynagar police station.