Protect biodiversity for healthier ecosystem: Mein

CHOWKHAM, 2 Jan: Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein called upon the civil society to take up the responsibility of protecting and preserving nature and its biological diversity for a healthier ecosystem.

“The tribal way of life and the food habits revolve around Mother Nature. It is, therefore, equally important to protect and preserve Mother Nature and its rich natural resources in order to maintain ecological balance, as well as to keep alive the rich culture and traditions,” Mein said in a meeting at the Chongkham Buddha Vihara campus here in Namsai district on Saturday.

The meeting was convened by the Namsai district administration in view of the rampant destruction of forest resources and natural vegetation in the district.

Mein also called upon the people to refrain from illegal hunting and fishing.

“Our state is blessed with rich flora and fauna with huge forest coverage. We must strive to protect and preserve it,” he said.

Saying that the state’s pristine nature, rich with flora and fauna, can attract tourists the most, Mein appealed to the visitors to respect the shrine areas and maintain the sanctity of the pagodas.

Namsai MLA Chau Zingnu Namchoom emphasized the need for carrying out massive afforestation activities in order to maintain the water-flow in the rivers and underground water.

Former minister CT Mein also spoke.

Tai Khamti chief Chow Khanseing Namchoom submitted a seven-point memorandum to the DCM, which included a proposal for upgrading the Chongkham EAC HQ to ADC HQ; posting of sufficient police personnel at the Chongkham police station; and establishment of a separate fire station in Chongkham.

Namsai DC RK Sharma said that indiscriminate destruction of nature and unregulated extraction of forest resources are posing a threat to the culture and traditions of the local people.

The meeting adopted several resolutions, which included a ban on fishing by non-conventional methods, and a complete ban on hunting, extraction of minor forests products like toko/kohu patta, bamboo shoots, banana pods, etc, for commercial purposes (or other than domestic use and consumption).

Presidents/representatives of Namsai-based CBOs/NGOs, the Tai Khamti Singpho Council, the Tai Khamti Development Society, the Chongkham Village Council, the All Tai Khamti Singpho Students’ Union, etc, along with government officers attended the meeting. (DCM’s PR Cell)