Misra urges women to become self-reliant through loin loom weaving  

ITANAGAR, 7 Jan: The governor’s wife, Neelam Misra on Thursday urged the womenfolk of the state to become self-reliant by engaging in loin loom weaving.

Interacting with a group of women led by Centre for Cultural Research & Documentation (CCRD) administration director Moyir Riba Gamlin, Misra suggested that every tribe of Arunachal should, “on the pattern of their traditional attires, develop their own unique stoles, reflecting their tribal designs and patterns.”

Misra urged the people, particularly government departments and non-government organizations, to procure, use and promote loin loom-weaved stoles during functions and festivals.

“Such gestures of the people will reinforce the spirit of ‘Vocal for local’ and will go a long way in making the weavers, who are mostly rural women, economically and financially independent,” she said.

Misra also said that emporiums and the state museum “must create space in their premises where live demonstrations of original loom weaving by various tribes can be done and people can see and have a feel of the traditional art of loin loom weaving.”

She also said that every tribe must be given a slot to showcase their products in “cottage industry, textile and handicraft programmes.”

Riba Gamlin informed that, inspired by Misra’s Bunayi ki Rangin Duniya documentary, a group of women from Doimukh, Basar, Aalo and Tato have started an SHG and are weaving stoles of some tribes of Arunachal, using their own unique designs and patterns under the project ‘Dream Weaves’, under the guidance of the CCRD. (Raj Bhavan)