Exploration of Diba Adi

BOLENG, 13 Jan: The members of Ane Siang Tours & Expeditions and My Tribal Tour explored the Diba Adi in Siang district recently.

Situated around 2,000 metre above sea level in between Parong, Dosing, Pareng, Sitang and Riga villages, it is a three to five hours trek from the villages to Diba mountain.

The mountain peak and the lake (Diba Hi Eng) are ideal for mountain trekkers. One can see the snow-clad mountains of Upper Siang and Dibang Valley from the Diba peak.

Managing Director of My Tribal Tour, Kalen Pertin said that “the place is ideal for adventure lovers.”

He further said tourism in Diba mountain will be a boon for the villagers as it has huge scope for wildlife tourism, culture, agriculture, horticulture and animal husbandry.

Tour guide of Ane Siang Tours & Expeditions, Michael Mibang said tourism can flourish in the mountain peaks with development of proper trekking routes and rejuvenation programme for the mithuns (gayal).

“Once you go to Diba and start beating the wooden logs and trees, all the mithuns from the nearby forests will come out to feed on salt,” said Parong village elder, Tayeng Tamut.