HU announces filing for patent on Bacillus lichenoformis

ITANAGAR, 21 Jan: The Himalayan University (HU) here on Thursday announced that it has applied for its first patent (Ref No 202131002187) on Bacillus lichenoformis, “which is focused on ways of using and administering the production of alpha-amylase enzyme while using agricultural byproducts.”

The inventors, Dr Debaprasad Dev and Dr Dinesh, informed that the invention relates to the field of microbiology and food production.

“The invention relates to a low-cost media composition derived from agricultural byproducts for the production and optimization of high-temperature alkaline alpha-amylase enzyme from Bacillus lichenoformis. Amylases are one of the most important industrial enzymes,” the inventors informed.

“Amylase holds the maximum market share of the enzyme sales with major applications in the starch industry, baking, analytical chemistry, automatic dishwashing detergents, textile desizing, medicine, pulp and paper industry. The HU’s Bacillus lichenoformis patent covers the use of varied agricultural byproducts like rice husk, wheat bran, soybean meal, sunflower meal and many more were tested for the production of alpha-amylase. This invention will not only reduce the cost of production of alpha-amylase but it may also increase the income of farmers as it uses agricultural byproducts such as rice husk and wheat bran,” they added.

The patent has been jointly applied for by the Himalayan University and Aligarh (UP)-based Mangalayatan University, informed Himalayan University registrar Dr Vivek Mittal in a release.