New ring road inaugurated

ITANAGAR, 30 Jan: A new ring road connecting NH 415 (from MM Toyota) to the Don Bosco College junction in Jully was inaugurated here on Sunday by advisor to PWD Phurpa Tsering, in the presence of local MLA Techi Kaso and PWD Chief Engineer Katung Wahge.

The total length of the road is 6.42 kms. The first 1.5 km of the road is made of cement concrete, and the formation cutting for 3.5 kms has been done. Retaining walls, culverts and drains have been constructed in a few sections of the road. The project has been executed by the PWD Capital Division B at the cost of Rs 7 crores.

Speaking to the press, Tsering informed that fund has been provided to complete the whole 6.42 kms stretch.

“We have provided additional funds to construct the remaining stretch of this ring road,” he said.

He further informed that the Jully-Ganga road will be restored by February-end.

“Most of the link roads will see improvement in the coming years. There will be a massive change. We are focusing on link roads in order to decongest NH 415,” he said.

Tsering further informed that a plan is in the pipeline to improve the Papu-Jully-Chimpu road.

Kaso said the new ring road would go a long way in easing traffic congestion.

“This road is very important. It is good to learn that the fund for the second phase has been approved by the state government. Once completed, this ring road will result in improving traffic congestion on NH 415 and provide an alternative road to the denizens,” he said.

Kaso also said that the first phase of construction of CC roads has been completed in the Itanagar capital region and the second phase will start soon. He said that, despite him being from a different party, so far there has been no problem in working with the state government. However, he expressed concern over the delay in granting funds for infrastructure projects like bridge, culverts, etc.

“Sadly, individual schemes like construction of protection walls and retaining walls in private citizens’ land are being given preference. This is sad. Fund should be given for works which benefit the whole capital complex,” Kaso added.

PWD SE T Kamchi, PWD CD (B) EE Tarh Gungkap, and AE Tadar Bhupen were also present.