A&T dir.and FA&O inspect treasury office

BOMDILA, 1 Feb: Accounts and treasuries director Tedi Techi along with finance & account officer (FA&O) Taniyang Tatung inspected the treasury office here on Monday and checked various files and records.

The director urged the treasury officer (TO) to maintain proper record of all the files and documents and advised proper maintenance of the strong room to keep the records safe.

Giving emphasis on government’s initiative of national pension scheme (NPS) which started in the year 2008, the director further expressed concern over the fact that many government employees are yet to open their NPS accounts.

The FA&O briefed the complete procedure of filling the NPS form to the staffs.

He further said, ‘Within Bomdila division 27 subscribers under permanent pension account number (PPAN) and 42 subscribers under Non IRA schemes of NPS holders are yet to submit their complete details in a prescribed NPS form format, because of which they are failing to get their permanent retirement account number (PRAN) from national securities depository ltd. (NSDL).’

He urged TO, Bomdila take necessary steps to complete the process of 69 NPS subscribers of Bomdila division by submitting the complete details in the latest NPS form of 1.5 version to avoid the complicacies of financial claims during retirement. (DIPRO)