CM’s words of hope

At a time when the debate over the pros and cons of hydropower projects is raging in the state, Chief Minister Pema Khandu on Monday said that developmental projects will never be thrust upon the people but will happen only with their consent and cooperation.

This is the best way to implement a development project in a democracy. The CM needs to be commended for adopting such a democratic approach.

Khandu made the statement in reference to the upcoming hydropower projects in Tawang district. Several hydro projects proposed in Tawang district are facing bitter resistance from the local communities. The CM’s statement will be music to the ears of those who oppose construction of mega dams in the state.

If people are not ready, the projects should not be forcefully implemented. It is not only about the hydro projects. There are several other development projects, which need the consent of the affected people.

It is seen that often the government tries to bulldoze these projects. Also, many of the major infrastructure projects being executed in the state do not follow the laid down environmental norms. The complete disregard of the environment is a big threat to a state like Arunachal Pradesh, which is a disaster-prone hilly state.

Chief Minister Pema Khandu has given hope to the people by opposing those projects that are detrimental to their existence by stating that no projects will be forcefully implemented.

However, the people will be hoping that he stands true to his words when the time arrives to turn those words into action.