Nine bridges pending at planning dept: Kaso

ITANAGAR, 9 Feb: Itanagar MLA Techi Kaso on Tuesday informed that nine important bridge projects of the Capital Complex are currently pending at the planning department.

“I understand the government is facing some financial issue due to Covid-19, but priority should be given to road and bridge projects. Individual schemes like the construction of retaining walls, drains etc in private properties should be discouraged,” added Kaso during a visit to the Ganga-Jully road, which he said will be open for traffic by the end of March.

The road was washed away at two places in the last monsoon and the PWD is currently working to restore this stretch of the road.

“Engineers have assured to complete the work by 15 March. But we need to keep a window of 15 days so that the road is open after everything is in order. More time is needed, especially for the curing process at the culvert site,” said Kaso. The local MLA also visited Police Colony and Vivek Vihar here.

“A 50 metre RCC bridge has been planned at the Police Colony to replace the present suspension bridge.

However, the tender process was stopped by the government. We are waiting for the tender process to re-start. The permanent bridge will come up in the next few years,” said Kaso.

Kaso also appealed to the state government to carry out the repair work near Dera Natung Government College in Vivek Vihar where a portion of the road is on the verge of collapsing.

“If urgent repairs are not done, the road will collapse along with several buildings located in the area. I appeal to the state government to immediately look into it before disaster strikes,” he said.