FOB holds webinar on Ayurvedic system of medicines

PASIGHAT, 10 Feb: The Field Outreach Bureau (FOB), Pasighat on Wednesday held a webinar on Ayurvedic system of medicines and its role in the prevention of infectious diseases, like novel coronavirus here in East Siang district.

Participating in the webinar, Regional Outreach Bureau (ROB), Itanagar Director Dr HR Keshavamurthy said that “immunity against infection, which is an inherent strength of our body, can reduce the impact of the infection and Ayurveda system of medicine can play an important role in the fight against Covid infection.”

He urged the FOB staffers to educate the public about various concepts of Ayurveda during their field campaigns.

Medical Officer Dr Imlikumba from North Eastern Institute of Folk Medicine, Pasighat, said “Ayurveda has been providing several homemade tips since 3000 years to boost body immunity.”

He said that “natural forces inside our body are the best healer and Vyadi Kshamatva (immunity) can be boosted through regular exercise and a healthy and balanced diet.”

He emphasized and said that “lunch should be taken between 12 and 1 pm and dinner between 5 and 6 pm” and suggested sleeping by 9.30 pm to have a good digestive process, which is crucial to maintain a healthy body.

“To improve our immunity, we all have to take green leafy vegetables, mushrooms, dry pumpkin seeds, beetroots, ginger juice, garlic, tulsi leaves, etc. regularly, which are easily available in our surroundings,” he said.

He also advised taking two spoons of Chawanprash in the morning and evening, if possible, to boost body immunity and fight against any diseases, like Covid-19. He, however, said that if anyone gets a cough and cold they must isolate themselves immediately and see a doctor.

Officials of FOB, Bomdila, Tawang, Aalo, Tezu and ROB, Itanagar participated in the webinar.