‘Namsang-Borduria Fund facing financial crisis’

KHONSA, 10 Feb: MLA and Chief of Borduria, Wanglin Lowangdong said that the Namsang-Borduria Fund (NBF) is facing a financial crisis as inflow of share of forest revenue has stopped due to the ban imposed on timber operation by the Supreme Court.

Attending the annual advisory committee meeting of the NBF here in Tirap district on Tuesday, Lowangdong informed that the NBF was formed as per the agreement made between Angs (chiefs) of both Namsang and Borduria with then governor of Assam in 1948.

As per the trust deed, the funds accumulated in the NBF are generally meant for all-round development of the people in Namsang and Borduria in particular and tribals of Tirap district in general, he said.

Lowangdong further informed that a number of developmental activities were undertaken in various fields from this NBF Trust, including the establishment of RK Mission School, Narottam Nagar, Deomali and Ramakrishna Sarada Mission School, Khonsa.

Tirap DC Taro Mize, who is also the chairman of the NBF advisory committee, acknowledged the importance of the agreement and praised the Angs of Namsang and Borduria for their vision and foresightedness in making the agreement for the betterment of the people of their area.

While scrutinising the budget estimate of the NBF for 2021-22, he stated that the only source of income of the Trust is generated from the interest accrued from the fixed deposit of the revenue received against forest share prior to 1996-97.

He further stated that the Trust’s annual expenditure far exceeds that of the annual interest/ income.

To overcome this crisis, he suggested that the NBF approach the government for providing grants-in-aid so it can continue the development activities.

Mize assured necessary help from the district administration in obtaining such grants-in-aid from various government agencies.

Former minister Wangpha Lowang also attended the meeting.