Tayeng releases documentary on Adi culture and traditions

[ Mingkeng Osik ]

ADI PASI, 14 Feb:  An Adi traditional documentary, produced by Nonggan Rukbo, was released here in Sibuk village in Upper Siang district by Mebo MLA Lombo Tayeng on Saturday.

The premiere show or the first official screening of the documentary was held at Adi Pasi Sibuk Musup/Dere (Adi community house). The event was organized under the aegis of Arunachal Pradesh Film Society.

The documentary is about the Adi people and their unique cultures and traditions.

Speaking on the occasion, Tayeng said films are not only a source of entertainment but also driver of economic growth. He commended the producer of the documentary for his work.

Veteran filmmaker Darbom Tayeng, the producer and director of Adi film Aying Apong, also spoke.

 Mariyang MLA Kanggong Taku, Upper Siang unit of Adi Baane Kebang president Tatlom Pertin, Mariyang ADC Dr Monjuli Komut, EAC Khoda Lhasa, organising chairman and secretary of APFS Ani Moyong and  Darkang Tayeng, GBs and senior public leaders of the area attended the programme.