RGU observes World Anthropology Day

RONO HILLS, 18 Feb: The Department of Anthropology, Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU) observed World Anthropology Day on 18 February.

The day is observed on the third Thursday of every February, which is an offshoot of the National Anthropology Day started by the American Anthropological Association in the year 2015. The nomenclature was later changed to World Anthropology Day to give it wider amplitude.

The programme here was marked by the Head, Prof SK Chaudhuri and other faculty members discussing and highlighting the importance of anthropology as a discipline and the practical importance of anthropological knowledge in the present multi-polar world.

The programme included quiz competition, anthropological photography competition, followed by an interactive session between the students, faculty members and research scholars of the department.

Further, the importance of the subject was also shared and highlighted by interacting with the students from other Departments.

Anthropologists today are acting as cultural brokers across the globe, bridging the hiatus between the indigenous people and the state actors working parallel for the growth of the nation in general and tribal population in particular.