‘Top model’ pageant on anvil

ITANAGAR, 22 Feb: The first ever ‘Arunachal Miss and Mrs Top Model 2021’ contest is going to be held at the Dorjee Khandu convention hall here on 25 April.

Addressing media persons at the press club on Monday, the event’s director, Gyati Minu Bui, said that the event is aimed at seeking out top models in the state and is in no way linked to any Miss Arunachal or other pageants.

“It is a first-of-its-kind event through which a model will be selected and a platform will be provided to participate at national and international levels,” she said. “Besides, the team will also provide the winner with a career in the film and television world,” she added.

She said the participants would undergo various screening tests, and that auditions are being conducted every Saturday and Sunday at a city hotel here.

“Besides showcasing the rich culture, tradition and fashion of the state, the team will also provide yoga and self-defence training to the participants,” Bui said.

Event manager and choreographer Langda Mina Bulang informed that the event is being held in collaboration with the film and television industries in Mumbai. She requested local entrepreneurs of the state to encourage the local models to become faces in the advertising sector.

“The sad part of the local models is that they are not being used properly by the established public sector industry in the state. Instead of using global models in advertising products, talented local models should be given opportunity,” she said.