Nyokum celebrated with traditional fervour

SAGALEE, 27 Feb: Nyokum festival was celebrated with great pomp here in Papum Pare district.

The ceremony began with religious invocation by priests.

Addressing the festival-goers, former chief secretary Ramesh Negi emphasized on the importance of preserving traditional customs and the elements of nature.

He reminded the youths that their customs, family values and environment are the legacy their ancestors have given them and these need to be protected for posterity. He also advised the youths not to run after government jobs and instead adopt agriculture and horticulture with modern techniques and marketing skills.

“Mixing of tourism and agriculture will ensure employment too,” he said.

 “Preservation of watersheds should be the first priority to ensure water availability for future. Forest- and rivers-based tourism would sustain only by preserving watersheds,” Negi said.

He commended the speedy implementation of roads- and transport-related projects by the government, but highlighted the need to establish cold storage and food processing units in the state.

Former chief minister and Sagalee MLA Nabam Tuki also attended the festivity.

NYCCS 2021 chairman Dr Techi Rekhi encouraged the youths to participate in the festival’s rituals to understand the traditional way of celebrating it. “Irrespective of which religion we follow, we shouldn’t forget our indigenous way of living,” he said.

Doimukh celebrated Nyokum Yullo at the Rono Nyokum ground. The celebration started with nyub kanam – invitation of Nyokum nyubus – on 23 February and ended with dapo ponam – the sanctification ceremony – which was performed at the Assam-Arunachal boundary (Gulajuli, near Harmuty Tea Estate) on Saturday.

Abiding by the advisory of the Nyishi Festival Council with regard to strict adherence to Covid-appropriate behaviour, the Doimukh Nyokum Yullo Celebration Committee (DNYCC) organized the festival in a very low-profile manner, excluding food stalls and sporting and cultural competitions.

“However, the ritual ceremonies remained unaltered since the Doimukh Nyokum is widely popular for showcasing the true Nyokum Yullo ritual,” the committee informed in a press statement.

A majestic Nyokum Yullo ritual was performed at Nyokum Showgwng by shamans with the performance of traditional buya and nyogwng teams.

A gathering was held after the rituals. It saw the participation of MP Nabam Rebia, Chief Information Commissioner Joram Begi, DNYCC chairman Tagu Tana Tara and DNYCC GS Yowa Son.

Our correspondent reports: In Tali in Upper Subansiri district, the festival was celebrated with traditional fervour and gaiety.

Attending the festival, Transport & Civil Aviation Minister Nakap Nalo emphasized on preservation of the age-old culture and tradition of the community. He said every individual should take the responsibility of preserving the customs and traditions of the community.

Nalo said all religions are important and the people should respect the religious beliefs of others for harmonious living. He appealed to the people to not mix culture with religions.

The minister also emphasized on the importance of mother tongues and urged the elders to encourage the younger generation to speak in their own languages/dialects.

Speaking on the development front, Nalo sought the public’s cooperation for the success of the development initiatives of the government.

Local MLA Jike Tako presented the Nyokum mythology and the importance of celebrating the festival.

Dumporijo MLA Rode Bui also emphasized on preservation of the age-old culture and traditions and local dialects/languages.

Stating that roads play a vital role in development of any area, and that the roads in Tali are in a deplorable condition, he appealed to the locals to “come forward and render selfless services to repair them.”

DIPRO reports that the people of Kurung Kumey district celebrated Nyokum festival on 26 February with traditional gaiety in all the administrative blocks of the district. Games, sports and cultural competitions were held as part of the celebrations.

Deputy Commissioner Kento Riba, who attended the celebration in Sangram, appealed to the people of the district to “celebrate Nyokum in a festive mood and preserve the tradition, culture and social activities, especially by the youths.”

Nyokum festival was celebrated in Nyapin, Sangram, Nyobia, Phassang and Koloriang administrative blocks. (DIPRO)