EKSWCO condemns deforestation in Hollongi RF, endorses case to NES

SEPPA, 3 Mar: Condemning the deforestation in the reserved forest area in upper Hollongi, the East Kameng Social Welfare and Cultural Organisation (EKSWCO) has endorsed the Nyishi Elite Society (NES) to resolve the land dispute.

The endorsement came after Tangkum Village Development Committee Upper Hollongi (TVDCUH)   sought the EKSWCO’s intervention to resolve the dispute as it alleged that some individuals from East Kameng district are unnecessarily interfering over the land.

After receiving a representation from the TVDCUH, the EKSWCO had a meeting, which was convened by its chairman Bharat Sonam, wherein the house unanimously resolved to condemn deforestation of the reserved forest area and termed that such activities are the main cause of ecological imbalance.

 It strongly discouraged such practices.

“The case between the TVDCUH and a section of youths from East Kameng seems to be purely personal in nature, as the matter is between particular person(s) from Kurung Kumey, East Kameng and Papum Pare. The appropriate platform to seek for intervention should have been a letter addressed to the NES district units,” the EKSWCO said.

However, the EKSWCO appreciated the chairman of TVDCUH for honouring the organisation by seeking intervention, but said that “the NES would be an appropriate platform to resolve the dispute.”

At the same time, the EKSWCO asserted that the organisation is ready to facilitate a meeting in the district.

Further, the EKSWCO strongly condemned the forced donation currently prevailing in the district.  It stated that forceful donation amounts to extortion, which is punishable under relevant section of the IPC.  The district parental organization appealed to all sections of the society to refrain from giving into forced donation.

The EKSWCO also condemned the recent assault on a tanker driver at Bana that led to a protest by the Assam Petroleum Mazdoor Union (APMU) and subsequent closure of petroleum tanker services for a week to East and West Kameng and Tawang districts.

It said that people of West Kameng and Tawang districts were put to ransom for no fault of theirs, especially when the assault took place at East Kameng.

The EKSWCO has appealed to the people of East Kameng to help the district administration and the district police in apprehending the culprits so that such incidents do not occur again.