Digitization and missing annexures

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, 4 Mar: The opposition Congress MLAs on Thursday said that documents were not furnished properly, and that there were missing annexures on the fifth day of the legislative assembly.

The budget session of the legislative assembly is paperless but it has not been without glitches as many members were seen struggling without physical papers.

Congress MLA Ninong Ering, while appreciating e-Vidhan, said that annexures were missing.

“Annexure A was not fed into the monitor. Questions were in Annexure A,” he said.

Lombo Tayeng said that six annexures were not furnished or fed to the monitor, stating that it should be forwarded to the privilege committee of the house.

“This is tantamount to undermining the sanctity of this house,” he said.

Speaker Pasang D Sona assured to find out about the missing annexures.

“I will find out whether the annexure has been furnished by the department and legislative section has faulted or if it’s the fault of the department,” he said, responding to Tayeng.

Wanglin Lowangdong suggested that hard copies should be made available to those seeking hard copies.

The speaker said that those who have difficulties in keeping up with digitization may be given hard copies, for which request has to be made.

“Regarding the anomaly, I will find out whether it’s from the legislative section or the department,” he said.

Responding to Ninong Ering, SJETA Minister Alo Libang said that his department had given the responses and it was provided in pen drives. He said that the department would provide printed copies also.