DC distributes solar lamps to students

TAWANG, 5 Mar: Tawang Deputy Commissioner Sang Phuntsok distributed free solar lamps to the students of the government town secondary school here on Friday.

Solar lamps are being distributed all over Arunachal to the students of government schools studying in Classes 1 to 10, under the Centre’s new and renewable energy ministry’s Phase 3 scheme, informed APEDA PO Lobsang Chudup.

“The students of other schools will also get free solar lamps,” he added.

The DC in his address said that the town secondary school “is doing very well in academic results, and is one of the best schools in the district which can compete with any private educational institution.”

He distributed the solar lamps to the students, and advised them to devote maximum time to studies.

The scshool’s Headmistress Anku Padi also spoke. (DIPRO)