SP for a day, Tunia shares her experience

ZIRO, 9 Mar: A 2nd year mass communication student at St Claret College here in Lower Subansiri district, Tage Tunia on Tuesday shared her experience of symbolically taking charge as the SP of Lower Subansiri district for a day on the occasion of Women’s Day:

“I am the fortunate first woman to be the superintendent of police of Lower Subansiri for a day on the occasion of International Women’s Day, 2021,” she said.

“The experience was a privilege for me.”

“I visited the police station in Ziro and observed the daily activities that took place in the station. On the day, I also visited Gyati Takka General Hospital, where a health checkup of police personnel was conducted, in collaboration with the DMO office and the staff of the general hospital.

“To mark the day, an awareness programme focusing on women’s health and hygiene was also conducted in the SP’s office, led by the spouse of the SP, who herself is a doctor and an IAS officer. She delivered a lecture focusing on the health and hygiene of women,” Tunia said.

She said she advised the police personnel to create an ambience where a girl child would not hesitate to talk about her mental and physical health. “Stress was given more on eradicating the taboo of menstruation conversation in the family and also within the society. I suggested that education on menstruation and mental health should begin from one’s own family,” she said.

“Mental health is something which the society overlooks, and it is very unfortunate. Many youngsters commit suicide every year due to mental illnesses and due to lack of proper psychiatric consultations. Parents should try to build a friendly rapport with their children and make them comfortable enough to discuss mental health issues with ease. I firmly believe that ill mental health causes ill physical health,” Tunia added.

She said the “overall venture of being the first ever woman SP here for one day was a boon for me. The day for me was like setting an excellent example for all the women in the society. It was a nice and knowledge-gaining experience. I am hopeful that my one-day experience will encourage many women to come forward.”

Tunia said she had the experience because of the constant encouragement and support provided by the management and teachers of her college. “The college prioritizes education for women and women empowerment, which is a gift to our Ziro valley and Arunachal Pradesh as a whole. The experience of working for a day as SP has inspired me to dedicate myself to the service of humanity just as the police department of Ziro, led by Lower Subansiri SP Harsh Indora,” she said.

“The tireless effort and the strength in dealing with challenging situations of SP Indora has inspired and boosted my morale to work for the society in any circumstances. With this event, I look forward to serve the people after finishing my studies,” she said. (DIPRO)