Documentary ‘I am property’ screened

ITANAGAR, 13 Mar: A documentary titled I am property was screened at the NE Hall here on Saturday. The documentary has been produced by The Wildflower Production.

Directed by filmmaker Karry Padu, the documentary navigates impunity and polygyny in the context of the customary laws in Arunachal. It was conceptualized and produced under Zubaan’s ‘Stepping stones and body of evidence’ projects.

The film sheds light on the different communities of Arunachal in which the practice of polygyny is dominantly prevalent. It also explores the experiences of both men and women who exist and participate in the common practice of polygyny by making a statement that although a woman is the breadwinner and nurturer of the land, she does not have any rights to own land.

Among those present during the screening were Disaster Management Secretary Dani Salu, Women & Child Development Director TP Loyi, Arunachal Pradesh State Commission for Women Chairperson Radhilu Chai, and professors from the Arunachal Institute of Tribal Studies and the anthropology department of Rajiv Gandhi University.