RGURSF seeks extension of deadline to submit dissertation

RONO HILLS, 16 Mar: The Rajiv Gandhi University Research Scholars’ Forum (RGURSF) has requested RGU’s controller of examinations to extend the dissertation submission date for MPhil scholars.

The forum said that “due to the eight-month-long rigorous lockdown, research activities got disrupted and continuity derailed with deprivation of access to supervisor consultation, laboratory work, and library resources.”

The forum has sought an extension of at least three months (upto 30 June) for all research scholars who have been notified by RGU to submit their dissertations on 31 March.

“Many MPhil research scholars were unable to conduct research in the lockdown period. The absence of laboratory and library facilities (except for select few e-resources) left scholars largely resourceless. The extenuating circumstances impeded research progress, making it impossible to submit the dissertation on 31 March, 2021, as notified by the university. Given the impact of the coronavirus and restrictions imposed by the government, scholars could not conduct surveys, travel for data collection from participants, or do any fieldwork,” the forum said.