TCS seeks using local names of mountains, places in U/Subansiri

[ Karda Natam ]

DAPORIJO, 16 Mar: The Tagin Cultural Society (TCS) has urged the Indian authority to rename all the rivers, mountains and places falling within the Indian territory in Upper Subansiri district which have Chinese or Tibetan names. The TCS said the local names should be used.

It said the Chinese names are also being used officially by the Indian Army.

The TCS said that naming these mountains, rivers and places in Chinese or Tibetan “is an insult not only to the patriotic Tagins but also a matter of grave concern in the backdrop of China’s territorial claim over Arunachal Pradesh.”

While the Chayu Chi in Tibetan/Chinese is a river which has a local name called Sinyik or Nyarsi (and Subansiri in Assam), the Tsari Chu river in Chinese is called Nyorsi in Tagin, the TCS said.

Likewise, Takpasiri Charisiyung in Chinese is a mountain which has a local name called Neh Chari or Neh Nehna in Tagin. The Druk Ngamba Tsong mountain in Chinese is called Tuku Nyobia Tarak in Tagin. The mountain is situated opposite to Taksing headquarters.

The TCS has submitted a memorandum afresh to the commander of the 22 Infantry Brigade headquartered in Bora Rupak in Baririjo circle to take up the matter with the higher authority on priority.

Raising the same issue, the TCS had in June last year submitted a memorandum to the commander to take up the matter with the higher authority.

The TCS claims that all the existing rivers, mountains and other places have their own local names in Tagin “since all these belong to the community.”