Teacher’s quarters sold for Rs 8 lakhs

[ Karda Natam ]

DAPORIJO, 19 Mar: In a never before heard incident (in Arunachal), a teacher’s quarters of the government higher secondary school here in Upper Subansiri district has reportedly been sold for Rs 8 lakhs to a teacher by another teacher.

The incident came to light on Wednesday after a person made it public on social media. It later went viral.

According to reliable sources, most of the teachers’ quarters of the school have allegedly been allotted to private individuals by the land revenue department.

The public claim that most of the teachers, including the principal and a former DDSE, have illegally occupied government quarters and many of them have already obtained land allotments from the government, which is raising eyebrows among conscientious citizens.

They said encroachment on government land is going on unabated as the government has failed to take any action against the encroachers despite numerous complaints having been lodged with the Upper Subansiri deputy commissioner as well as the chief secretary. No or little action from the authority is encouraging the land grabbers, they said.

Dismantling of government quarters and erection of new RCC buildings overnight are happening here for the past many years under the very nose of the district administration. Allegedly, most of the government land encroachers are government employees and their kith and kin.

The public are criticizing the district administration for not initiating any stern action to check the unlawful activity. They say the administration is playing the role of a mute spectator to the happenings for reasons best known to it, which they say is indirectly encouraging some unscrupulous individuals and government employees to encroach on government lands by demolishing the existing quarters for their individuals purposes.

The public are demanding that the government immediately cancel all the land allotment given or compel land encroachers to surrender their allotment orders, particularly at the Teachers’ Colony here and other government departments.