Misuse of power

West Siang Deputy Commissioner Moki Loyi has been accused by a serving senior teacher of a government school, Pagrik Sora, of physically assaulting him. Sora has lodged an FIR at the Aalo police station, which is yet to be formally registered. DC Loyi also lodged an FIR, accusing Sora of obstructing his work. Strangely, the Aalo police are yet to act on both the FIRs. This is absolutely wrong and is sending out a wrong message to the people. The nature of the allegation against the DC is very serious. He has been accused of physical assault, which if proved true, is a serious breach of law.

A serving DC cannot physically assault anyone, whatever might be the circumstance. The allegation levelled by Sora deserves to be thoroughly investigated. Only a proper investigation will unearth the truth. At this juncture, there are two versions of the incident: one is that of the DC, and the other is that of the senior teacher. The whole picture will be cleared after investigation. The state government should remove the present DC and post a new one, so that investigation is done in an impartial manner. There are possibilities that he might interfere with investigation, using his position.