Health minister on dists’ tour

BOASIMLA, 25 Mar: Health Minister Alo Libang along with a team of officers from the SJETA department and the health department is on a visit to Kamle and Kra Daadi districts.

On Thursday, the minister visited Boasimla and interacted with the HoDs and elected ZPMs of Kamle district.

Libang exhorted the officials to be committed towards their responsibility and carry out their jobs “with a commitment for the welfare of people and development of the area.”

Palin MLA Balo Raja, Kamle DC Hengo Basar, ADC Atin Padung, SJETA Director Yumlam Kaha, ZPC Nido Santi Biri, Health Director Dr M Lego, the DMOs of Kamle and Kra Daadi, ZPMs of Kamle district, officials and officers of the health and SJETA departments, and officials from Kamle and Kra Daadi, along with public leaders were present on the occasion.