Eco-campsite established in Srahor

SRAHOR, 28 Mar: An ‘eco-campsite’ has been established at Srahor (Doimara) village in West Kameng district. The campsite will remain open to wildlife enthusiasts and tourists throughout the year.

During the inaugural function, Kamengbari-Doimara CO Kesang Wangda lauded the Srahor Biodiversity Management Committee (SBMC) and the Bombay Natural Historical Society (BNHS) for the initiative, and requested the villagers to preserve the rich local flora and fauna.

The SBMC and the BNHS on Sunday also completed the compilation

of their people’s biodiversity register (BMR).

Speaking on the occasion, BNHS AD Dr Rahul Ramesh Mungikar congratulated the SBMC and the BNHS “for the successful entry into league of 3 percent of BMCs in the country” which have completed their compilation of PBR, and informed about the importance of the register.

SBMC chairman DK Thongon thanked the BNHS and the Mumbai-based ICICI Bank for their assistance in setting up the campsite. He said it would help the SBMC generate economic support and facilitate tourists and wildlife enthusiasts in exploring the rich flora and fauna of the area.

Bird expert from BNHS, Dr Girish Jathar also spoke. (DIPRO)